50 Ultimate Project Ideas or Topics for Embeded Systems and Microcontroller Systems 2011

50 Project Ideas for Embeded Systems and MicroControllers 2011Hi ,everyone,hope you all fine ,in a series of post/articles related to Seminar topics and Project Ideas ,here in this article you will be given some 5o ultimate project topics which may a ideas for you to choose right project in your field of interest.

Before  going into the topics,let me tell you onething ,this is a mutual sharing site/blog where user can also contribute to this site by either commenting your ideas or mailing us your suggestion,ideas and your cool  projects.We'll publish the most relevant and worthy one here,which will be useful to those are really in need.

Ultimate Project Ideas Topics for You:
1.GSM mobile phone based automobile security system (IEEE 2000)
2.Finger Print based medical announcement system
3 GPS based automatic root announcement system for blind people
4 Controlling a large data acquisition system using on industrial SCADA system (IEEE 2007)
5 Automatic multiple transformer fault detection and production system
6 On line vehicle tracking by using GPS and GPRS (IEEE 2004)
7 SCADA for A.C motor controller with IGBT based control system
8 RFID based highway toll collection
9 Finger print based banking system
10 A neural network based steam temperature control system (IEEE 2008)
11 Internet controlled D.C motor speed controlling system
12 Human root tracking system by using GPS
13 Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system for Two wheeler
14 A remotely controlled by the onboard measurement system for optimization of energy conception of electrical trains (IEEE 2008)
15 Microcontroller based automatic power factor controlling system
16 An intelligent mobile robot navigation technique using RFID Technology (IEEE 2008)
17 Automatic drunken drive avoiding system for automobile
18 Design and implementation of a wireless remote data acquisition system for mobile applications (IEEE 2005)
19 A smart card based Prepaid electricity system (IEEE 2007)
20 RFID based automatic car parking system
21 Microcontroller based sky car parking system
22 GSM based mobile Tele-monitoring and management system for inter-cities public transportation (IEEE 2004)
23 Finger print based library management system
24 Automatic taxi trip sensing and indication system through GSM
25 On line temperature monitoring of power distribution equipment (IEEE 2005)
26 Microcontroller based wireless energy meter
27 Microcontroller based traffic density controller
28 Web based home appliances controlling system
29 A real time remote control architecture using mobile communication (IEEE 2005)
30 GSM Based remote measurement of electricity and control system for home
31 Microcontroller based Auto-Dialer Home Security System
32 SCADA for power plant
33 The electronic passport and the future of government issued RFID based identification (IEEE 2007)
34 Finger print based license checking system
35 RFID based shopping trolley
36 Monitoring and transmission of heavy vehicle parameters using fixed cellular terminal (IEEE 2004)
37 SMS based vehicle Ignition controlling system
38 Finger print based security system
39 A microcontroller sensor less speed control of D.C Motor (IEEE 2007)
40 Microcontroller Based Gas leakage detection and auto dialing
41 An application of detection function for the eye blinking detection
42 Prepaid card for Bus fair system
43 GPS based bus or train collision avoiding system
44 Microcontroller based automatic electronic bus fair system
45 Microcontroller based mini computer dictionary
46 Microcontroller based talking key pad for blind people
47 SCADA for D.C motor
48 Microcontroller based automatic temperature controller with cooling system
49 Mobile phone tracking system by using GPM and GSM
50 Microcontroller based wireless energy transmitter with power cutoff system.

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