Seminar Topics for CSE and IT Students - Information Technology & Computer Science

Seminar Topics for CS and IT Students:
Here are some few seminar topics which i have collected online from various sources ,and compiled into single post,will update with more topics as per recent trends in Technology .If you have any new ideas or topics ? feel free to share / Contribute to this blog ,it can be useful to the needy student .So,we hear work in mutual way by co-operating with other users , Please ,share your views and suggestions via comment box below.

Seminar Topics for CSE and IT students:
1. GSM
2. Viruses
3. Bluetooth Technology
5. Artificial Intelligence
6. Spyware
7. Quantum Computing
8. Blue - Ray Disc
9. Robotics
10. RFID
12. WAP
13. DNA Computing in security
14. 4g Wireless Systems
15. HomeRF- localized wireless technology optimized for the home environment
16. Internet Searching
17. Zigbee
18. Java Management Extensions (JMX) - component framework for building intelligent network
19. Earth Simulator- Fastest Supercomputer
20. Home Networking
21. TouchFLO Technology
22. Tracking and Positioning of Mobiles in Telecommunication
23. 3D Volume Storage
24. Optical Networking and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
25. Software-Defined Radio <
26. Space-time adaptive processing
27. Secure File Transfer (use PGP, deflate or nay encryption method)
28. A Secure GateWay
29. Automation using GSM or using Bluetooth
30. Face Recognition Technology.

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