IEEE 2015 New Project Titles for Biomedical ,Biometrics Students

 IEEE Project Tiltles for BioMetrics and Biomedical 2015 - 2016

Welcome to NewProjectIdeas,where you can find project topics,titles,abstracts and source codes,in previous post i've listed 18 IEEE New Project Titles for Biomedical/Biometrics.

List of Titles for BioMedical

1 Robotic system for isolated bank locker access using finger print recognition.
2 Software voice recognition engine based versatile voice control system.
3 Voice dialing system for intercoms in offices and industries
4 Voice operated wheelchair prototype for handicapped mobility assistance.
5 Bio metric recognition system based digital voting machine
6 Electronic library management system using finger print sensor
7 Fingerprint prediction enabled passport authentication system
8 High protection ATM system with finger print identification technology
9 Voice recognition based wireless home automation system
0 Voice activation system using acoustic event detection and keyword/speaker
1 Attendance management and staff data automation using finger print in colleges
and industries
2 Biomedical Telemetry for soldiers in warfield
3 Automated voice based home navigation system for the elderly and the
physically challenged
4 Human recognition through RFID: A distinct application of speech processing
5 Prescription Drug Abuse Control System
6 Multimodal Input in the Car, Today and Tomorrow
7 Aid for dumb people in making speeches using Advanced speech synthesizer
8.Semiconductor speech synthesizers for handicapped pseudo speaking aid.
 9.MEMS Based modality for versatile controls for multiple amputees.

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