IEEE 20122 Project for ECE - Travel TIme Prediction under Hereogeneous traffic condition

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Here is an another project for Ece students,on Embeded System based project

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Title : Travel time prediction under heterogeneous traffic conditions using global positioning system data from buses     


Travel time information is a vital component of many intelligent transportation systems (ITS) applications.


In recent years, the number of vehicles in India has increased tremendously, leading to severe traffic congestion and pollution in urban areas, particularly during peak periods. A desirable strategy to deal with such issues is to shift more people from personal vehicles to public transport by providing better service (comfort, convenience and so on).


In this proposed system we introduced advanced public transportation systems (APTS) for public service. Advanced public transportation systems (APTS) are one of the most important ITS applications, which can significantly improve the traffic situation in India. One such application will be to provide accurate information about train arrivals to passengers, leading to reduced waiting times at stations. This needs a real-time data collection technique, a quick and reliable prediction technique to calculate the expected travel time based on real-time data and informing the passengers regarding the same.. The performance of the proposed system is found to be promising and expected to be valuable in the development of advanced public transportation systems (APTS) in India. The work presented here is one of the first attempts at real-time short-term prediction of travel time for ITS applications in Indian traffic conditions.

Block Diagram:

Train Section:

Railway Station:

Train Terminal Section:

Person section:


Software Requirement:
• Keil IDE
• Programmer Kit
• Orcad design
• Language: Embedded C

Hardware Requirement:
• Embedded controller
• Wireless Transmitter/Receiver
• Indication Unit
• Power Supply

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