Latest New IEEE Project 2011 - 2012 Pilot Contamination and Precoding in Multi-Cell TDD Systems for ECE

New IEEE Project for ECE 2011
If you already seen this IEEE project list for ECE, here is an another IEEE project for Electronics and Communication final year students .This project is an IEEE paper released in September 2011 ,we've base paper too for this and if you want to download this ,Please ask it via comments . or send us a mail to

Ttile: Pilot Contamination and Precoding in Multi-Cell TDD Systems 

Year : September 2011
IEEE Project Paper
Abstract :
This paper considers a multi-cell multiple antenna
system with precoding used at the base stations for downlink
transmission. Channel state information (CSI) is essential for
precoding at the base stations. An effective technique for obtaining
this CSI is time-division duplex (TDD) operation where
uplink training in conjunction with reciprocity simultaneously
provides the base stations with downlink as well as uplink channel

This paper mathematically characterizes the impact that uplink training has on the performance of such multicell multiple antenna systems.  When non-orthogonal training sequences are used for uplink training, the paper shows that the precoding matrix used by the base station in one cell becomes
corrupted by the channel between that base station and the users in other cells in an undesirable manner.  This paper analyzes this fundamental problem of pilot contamination in multi-cell systems.

Furthermore, it develops a new multi-cell MMSE-based
precoding method that mitigates this problem. In addition to
being linear, this precoding method has a simple closed-form
expression that results from an intuitive optimization.
Numerical results show significant performance gains compared to certain
popular single-cell precoding methods.

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