New Ideas for your Projeccts - Tracking and Alerting passengers the nearby Railway station Electronics and Communication ( ECE )

New Project Ideas
 Hi everyone,i'm basically an electronics students ,so i would like to share some of my ideas,whether it is alreay done by someone or not,i don know.but would like to present here.

This can be useful for Electronics and communication students,you can also share your ideas via comments or by email.

Railway Tracking of Destination Station:
 The idea is simple and it is real time when you do this as your project.Here is the details.

We love travelling in Trains for the comfor as well as for the cheapest mode of transport,even though we face lot of hate experience in train,we still prefer it.

So,if we are while in travelling,we don't know,
  • Where we are
  • How long the destination station 
  • what is the nearby station
  • When do i need to get up.
Something this might be the problems of this idea,you can get more ideas of your own regarding this issue.

How to solve this ?
  So how to make a project that solve this problems,and help passengers a happy journey.
  • We can use GPS for tracking the current location ,but we need to know the stations location ,and that informations need to convert into voice or led to alert users.
  • We can use Transmitter on the station,and a receiver at the train that can detect the station when entering into its coverage area.
  • The Transmitter should cover an area about 1-3Kms ,so that before reaching the station we can alert the passengers.
Friends,i've given an idea and my suggestions,so here is the chance for you..share your ideas,suggestions at the below comment box.

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