New IEEE 2011 Project Abstract for Sim Card based Smart Banking - VLSI based Embeded Projeect

IEEE New Project for ECE
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            Automated teller machines (ATMs) are well known devices typically used by individuals
to carry out a variety of personal and business financial transactions and/or banking functions. ATMs have become very popular with the general public for their availability and general user friendliness. ATMs are now found in many locations having a regular or high volume of consumer traffic. For example, ATMs are typically found in restaurants, supermarkets, Convenience stores, malls, schools, gas stations, hotels, work locations, banking centers, airports, entertainment establishments, transportation facilities and a myriad of other locations. ATMs are typically available to consumers on a continuous basis such that consumers have the ability to carryout their ATM financial transactions and/or banking functions at any time of the day and on any day of the week.

            Existing ATMs are convenient and easy to use for most consumers. Existing ATMs typically provide instructions on an ATM display screen that are read by a user to provide for interactive operation of the ATM. Having read the display screen instructions, a user is able to use and operate the ATM via data and information entered on a keypad. However the drawback in the existing system is that the user should carry their ATM card without fail. But in many cases we forget it. So only we designed a system which helps us to use the ATM machine without the ATM card.

            In this proposed system we have created the new generation ATM machine which can be operator without the ATM card. By using this system ATM machine can be operator by using our SIM in the mobile phone. When we insert our SIM in the reader unit of the ATM machine it transfers the mobile to the server. In server we can collect the related information of the mobile number (i.e) the users account details, their photo etc. the camera presented near the ATM machine will capture the users image and compare it with the user image in the server using MATLAB.
            Only when the image matches it asks the pin number and further processing starts. Otherwise the process is terminated. So by using this system need of ATM card is completely eliminated we can operate the ATM machine by using our SIM itself. By using this system malfunctions can be avoided. Our transaction will be much secured.
One more application can also be added in this system for helping the blind people. In the existing system all the transactions are done through keyboard only. It may be difficult for blind people so we can also add voice enunciator to indicate each and very process to the blind people. It that enables a visually and/or hearing impaired individual to conveniently and easily carry out financial transactions or banking functions.


Hardware requirements

  Integrating unit
  Web camera
  Voice annunciation module
  GSM module

Software requirements

  • XILINX ISE 8.1i

    • MATLAB

 Language used
  • VHDL
  • Matlab

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