New IEEE Project Titles for BioMedical , BioMetrics 2011

Biomedical / Biometrics Project Topics
Students,here is the 18 Ultimate IEEE Project titles for BioMedical ,Biometrics branch,you can select topic from this list ,also if you need any further .Please post your questions via comments.
We're happy to help you in all possible ways.

Project Topics for Biomedical 2011
1 Aid for Deaf and Dumb people in recognising and making Speeches
2 Biometric attendance system
3 Determination of a Patient's Speed and Stride Length Minimizing Hardware
4 Web-based real-time remote monitoring for pervasive healthcare
5 Wearable Interrupter Module for Home-Based Applications in a Telemedical
System Dedicated to Respiratory Mechanics Measurements
6 Design of ECG acquisition and transmission via Bluetooth with heart disease
7 Towards accelerometry based static posture identification
8 Applications of wireless sensors in medicine
9 Sensors-based Wearable Systems for Monitoring of Human Movement and Falls
10 A telemedicine instrument for Internet-based home monitoring of
thoracoabdominal motion in patients with respiratory diseases
11 Wireless breathing system for long term telemonitoring of respiratory activity
12 Virtual Remote Nursing system
13 Wireless Fetal Heartbeat Monitoring System Using ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4
14 Wheelchair pressure monitoring alert system for the reduction of the occurrence
of pressure sores
15 alcohol detection and prevention
16 Textile moisture sensor matrix for monitoring of disabled and bed-rest patients
17 A proposal of a Web-based computer-scored test assistance system for
university education
18 Glove input interface with switches on fingertips

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