New IEEE 2011 papers for CSE - Rumour Rising

IEEE 2011 Paper for CSE
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Title: Rumor Riding: Anonymizing Unstructured Peer-to-Peer System
Dept: CSE.
Abstract :
Although anonymizing Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems
often incurs extra costs in terms of transfer efficiency, many
systems try to mask the identities of their users for privacy
considerations. Existing anonymity approaches are mainly
path-based: peers have to pre-construct an anonymous path before
transmission. The overhead of maintaining and updating such
paths is significantly high. In this paper, we propose Rumor
Riding (RR), a lightweight mutual anonymity protocol for
decentralized P2P systems. RR employs a random walk scheme
which frees initiating peers from the heavy load of path
construction. Compared with previous RSA-based anonymity
approaches, RR also takes advantage of lower cryptographic
overhead by mainly utilizing a symmetric cryptographic algorithm
to achieve anonymity. We demonstrate the effectiveness of this
design through trace-driven simulations. The analytical and
experimental results show that RR is more efficient than existing
protocols. We also discuss our early implementation experiences
with the RR prototype.


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