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Wireless Personal Area Networks

Wireless Personal Area Networks
– Person centered short-range wireless connectivity


– Short-range (< 10 m) connectivity for multimedia applications
• PDAs, Cameras, Voice (hands free devices)
• High QoS, high data rate (IEEE 802.15.3)

– Industrial sensor applications
• Low speed, low battery, low cost sensor networks (IEEE


IEEE 802.15 WPAN Work Group was introduced
– WPAN standards under active development
• Increasing data rates to be expected
• Low power consumption
• Self-configuring networks
• Coexistense of 802.11 is an issue
• Future WPAN interests
– mm-wave systems (@ 60 GHz)
– Mesh networks (relaying)
• Not (yet) implicitly included in IEEE 802.15 framework
• Enables enhanced reliability (diversity techniques) and
capacity ( spatial multiplexing )

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