20 New Mini Projects Titles for Final Year Students 2012

Final Year Mini Projects Titles 2012

Students , thanks for your great support , we've been receiving so many requests regarding the New Project Titles,Project ideas as well as IEEE 2012 titles, and some of you have sent us your ideas and thoughts. We're very much thank full to you.

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You may be searching for interesting titles for final year mini projects , or something unique project titles.

Here we've collected some 50 Mini Project Titles for Final Year students. We've listed 20 mini project titles of them below, if you need more Project Titles ? do comment us below.

Final Year Mini Project Titles 2012

1. One time password
2. Fresher's city
3. Automatic call back
4. Bank to customer internet banking solution
5. Loan management system
6. SMS reminder
7. Banking-data profile
8. Virtual classroom
9. Payroll information system
10. Warranty claims Modeling and Cost Analysis
11. Business process workflow management
12. Mobile shopping
13. Online blood banking
14. Effort tracking system
15. Single sign on
16. One time password
17. Effort tracking system
18. Attendence monitor
19. Assignment tracker
20. Quik talk communication

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