Metro Train Prototype using Microcontroller 8051 for ECE students New Project 2012


The NewProjectIdeas has come up with yet an another New Project Ideas based on Microcontroller , this may be very usefull to the students of Electronics and Communication Engineering ( ECE ) . Some of you searched for  " Microcontroller based new project ideas "or concepts / Project Title  , to your query one of the student has sent us this project.

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About this Project Idea:

This is purely based on Microcontroller and which has all the informations you needed in the attached document. You can download the for free.

Project Title : Metro Train Prototype using Microcontroller 8051
For : ECE and Electrical 
Year : 2012

In this Metro Train Prototype Project 

  • We try to make prototype for Metro Trains.
  • Here Microcontroller 8051 is used as CPU for the project .
  • This involeves,controlling of motion of Train by a Stepper Motor.
  • LCD Display of 2*16 characters is used for displaying messages in the train.
  • The stoppage time at a station is taken to be 3 seconds.
  • The time taken by train between two consecutive stations is taken as 6 seconds.


Microcontroller pins lack sufficient current to drive the relay. They can provide a maximum of 1-2mA current. While the stepper motor’s coil needs around 10mA to be energized. For this reason, we place a driver so that stepper motor can work efficiently.


This Project is useful in developing countries & this project has a bright future as it is being used in countries like Germany, France & Japan. This project helps us to control train without a driver and the stations are shown on the LCD so the passenger doesn’t have any type of difficulty. This project will lead to increase in technological trends & this will help the people in many ways.
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