IEEE 2012 Project : IEEE Transactions on Data Mining ,a Project For CSE & IT

IEEE Project for CSE 2012

Students of CSE ( Compunter & Software Engineering ) may make use of this project title for their final year projects , this is an IEEE 2012 paper on JAVA , Data Mining project . Most of the students ask us regarding Data Mining project title , so here is the one you can choose for.

TITLE : A Framework for Personal Mobile Commerce Pattern Mining and Prediction

DOMAIN : IEEE Transactions on Data Mining

YEAR : 2012

Abstract :

Due to a wide range of potential applications, research on mobile commerce has received a lot of interests from both of the industry and academia. Among them, one of the active topic areas is the mining and prediction of users’ mobile commerce behaviors such as their movements and purchase transactions.

 In this paper, we propose a novel framework, called Mobile Commerce Explorer (MCE), for mining and prediction of mobile users’ movements and purchase transactions under the context of mobile commerce. The MCE framework consists of three major components:

 1) Similarity Inference Model ðSIMÞ for measuring the similarities among stores and items, which are two basic mobile commerce entities considered in this paper .

2) Personal Mobile Commerce Pattern Mine (PMCP- Mine) algorithm for efficient discovery of mobile users’ Personal Mobile Commerce Patterns (PMCPs) .

3) Mobile Commerce Behavior Predictor ðMCBPÞ for prediction of possible mobile user behaviors.

To our best knowledge, this is the first work that facilitates mining and prediction of mobile users’ commerce behaviors in order to recommend stores and items previously unknown to a user. We perform an extensive experimental evaluation by simulation and show that our proposals produce excellent results .

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