The concept of this project is based on the control of home appliances such as fan,light and electric motor.The major plus of this project is using LabVIEW software for control purpose.Because the cost of home appliances control using microcontroller is higher than LabVIEW control.

Components used in this project:
  • Microphone to receive voice command
  • Labview software designing PC
  • Relay circuit.
  • NI-DAQ system
  • Appliances-Fan & Light
  • Serial Port Cables
About LabVIEW:
       Composed of a standard personal computer, suitable software, and appropriate hardware tailored to the task
       User-defined systems
       Computer assisted
       Virtual Instrument is an instrument has the all main properties of a real one, but it is being “only” a computer program
       Hardware, software, interface between software and hardware
       Hardware mainly consists of sensors and transducers
       Software supporting data acquisition
       Interface (I/O): any combination of industry standard hardware--IEEE-488.2, RS-232 devices, VXI/MXI systems, field buses

About DAQ(Data Acqiustion System):
  • Data acquisition is the process of acquiring signals that measure real world physical quantitiess and converting them into digital numeric values.
  • The collected real time value is manipulated by a computer.
  • The process of Data acquisition systems is to convert analog waveforms into digital values. 

Components needed for DAQ:

  1.  Sensors that convert physical parameters into electrical signals.
  2. Signal conditioning system to condition the signal
  3. ADC Converter.
About Relay Circuit:

    A relay is an electrically operated manual switch. The mechanism used in this relay is electromagnet to operate a switch, but other operating principles are also used in various fields.Among various relays electromagnet relay is common in various application. Relays are used  to control a circuit by a low-power signal or where several circuits must be controlled by one signal communication.

Serial Port Communication:
          Popular means of communication between computer and peripheral device
          Data sent one bit at a time across the cable
          Used for low transfer rates or long distances
          Only a cable is needed since most computers have at least one available serial port

Process of this project:
        Voice from the microphone is received and processed in LabVIEW voice zone.Some appliances to be controlled is initially feed on the prescribed software.Hence based on the data of voice acquired the following appliances are detected.If the commander command to switch on the fan,the voice processing zone detects the word and it enables the signal to ON the fan.One the pulse signal is acquired the relay circuit is used to operate the home appliances.DAQ is used to convert the analog voice signal into digital form which is processed by computer.

        Hence this project is identified to reduce the human work or effort.The person from his actual place can control the appliances in his home through his voice command.


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