NEW IEEE 2012 ROBOT PROJECT-Inter-Robot Communication in a Robot Orchestra

Inter-Robot Communication in a Robot Orchestra:

          Inter-Robot Communication in a Robot Orchestra is the handling of slave robot which is controlled by Master Robot.

Characteristics of this robot:

Could converse, sing, walk uphill, dance, kick and play using its fingers. Seven microphones are used in this system. Could sing in unison. Interact with humans with movements. Speech with more than 1000 words
 Learn new words also from the audience. Showed emotions by using flashing lights.Three CCD cameras in all, One in each eye and one at center. Two CCD cameras in eyes recognized up to 10 different faces and objects, and determined location of objects in view.Orchestra had novel instruments played by
robotic actuators.

Communication Model for Robot Orchestra:

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface):
        A musical device communicates data to another using MIDI protocol.Most musical instruments─ MIDI
compatible with MIDI IN and MIDI OUT connections.Optically isolated with the musical instrument hardware.

Programming model Model for Robot Orchestra:
  Inputs and Outputs to a software module:
  • k sensor inputs to a module
  • p outputs to message boxes
  • q outputs generate to actuators in a sequence.
Orchestrator software module:
         Software which sequences, synchronizes the inputs from 1st to kth sensors and generates the messages
and outputs for the actuators, display and message boxes at the specified instances and time intervals.
 Message boxes store the notifications, which initiate the tasks as per the notifications.

Hardware & Software Module:
  • Processors

  •  ISRs for initiating action on user inputs and GUI notification, for example for Orchestra_Choice.

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