Projects lists for ECE,Microwave Engg,Network Engg:

  This post provides the top 25 high rated Wireless project title to enhance your project ideas.Some Wireless & Network based projects are:-

  1. VANET implementation for versatile vehicular applications using global positioning system.
  2. Multipurpose metropolitan ADHOC network implementation for domestic applications.
  3. Excessive pollution reporting system for vehicles using multi hop metropolitan networks.
  4. Remote sensing and control of an irrigation system using a distributed wireless sensor network
  5. Adaptive signal switching for emergency vehicles using dynamic GPS tracking.
  6. Maintenance free Agricultural WSN implementation for precession farming.
  7. Decentralized patient monitoring WSN system implementation for large health care facilities.
  8. AVCSS (Advanced vehicle control and safety system) using AD Hoc networks
  9. Intelligent call router for institutions and offices using ISM band RF beacons and receivers.
  10. Domestic kiosks for residential society service requests using ZigBee network.
  11. Demonstration of power efficiency of wireless sensor networks over conventional P2P networks.
  12. Solar energy harvesting wireless embedded systems for remote sensor networks
  13. Zigbee based hierarchical network for supervisory industrial process control.
  14. IRDA to Bluetooth interface for VPN compatible communications.
  15. Zigbee to IRDA communication interface for communication with portable devices.
  16. Climate control system in cold storage warehouses using ZigBee networks.
  17. Low cost active RF tracking systems using license free RF transceivers.
  18. Multi hop highway network for emergency services based on data relay technique.
  19. AMR systems using low cost ZigBee networks for industrial applications
  20. Zigbee and embedded web server based seamless home automation system.
  21. Ultra low power wireless weather station
  22. MEMS based WSN for infrastructure monitoring using WSN.
  23. WSN for monitoring commercial spaces for safety and security.
  24. Marine ADHOC networks based portable SOS and navigation systems for fishermen.
  25. Versatile Information system for Public Transports using burst mode transmission.
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