This articles deals with  top 20 award winning IEEE 2012 projects collected from various engineering fields.This articles is very useful to the visitors to get a easy knowledge about how to make a valuable projects.This data mining projects is deals with analyzing and providing the service solution.This data mining project plays a vital role in DBMS(DataBase Management Sysytem).

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Top 25 Data Mining Projects lists along with their Description:

1. Building a Multiple-Criteria Negotiation Support System:
                   To enhance the data mining in DBMS to support the server system.
2. An Exploratory Study of Database Integration Processes

                   Submission of new data's at various location by creating various threads.
3. COFI approach for Mining Frequent Item sets

4. Online Random Shuffling of Large Database Tables
5. A Flexible Content Adaptation System Using a Rule-Based Approach
6. Efficient Revalidation of XML Documents
7.  Efficient Monitoring Algorithm for Fast News Alerts 
8. Enhancing the Effectiveness of Clustering with Spectra Analysis
9. Practical Algorithms and Lower Bounds for Similarity Search in Massive graphics. 
10. Top-k Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Networks

11.A Lazy Approach to Associative Classification
12.A Web Usage Mining Framework for Mining Evolving User Profiles in Dynamic Web Sites
13.Incremental Maintenance of Online Summaries Over Multiple Streams
14.Cooperative diversity in wireless networks: Efficient protocols and outage behavior
15.A Fast Algorithm for Learning a Ranking Function from Large-Scale Data Sets
16.A recursive approach to low complexity codes
17.Cooperative communication in wireless networks
18.The capacity of wireless networks
19.Distributed Identification of Top-l Inner Product Elements and its Application in a Peer-to-Peer Network
20.Adaptive Broadcasting for Similarity Queries in Wireless Content Delivery Systems
21.Localized Co-Occurrence Model for Fast Approximate Search in 3D Structure Databases
22.Building toward Capability Specifications of Web Services Based on an Environment Ontology
23.A Similarity Metric for Retrieval of Compressed Objects: Application for Mining Satellite Image Time
24.Knowledge integration for the post-genomic era: a progress report
25.The capacity of wireless networks

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