This post provides the top 25 high rated DSP project title to enhance your project ideas.Some signal processing projects are:-

  1. DSPIC based PWM DTMF generators and decoders for telecommunication applications.
  2.  Extraction of information pulses from Gaussian noise using median filtering technique.
  3. Amplitude and power spectrum analysis using FFT
  4.  Peak signal detection based predictive maintenance system using DSP
  5.  Calculation of temperature histogram and real time waveform analysis.
  6. Spike detection and elimination in carrier signals using DSP.
  7.  Real time spectrum analyzer using virtual instrumentation and DSP.
  8. Robotic antenna positioning system using signal amplitude analysis.
  9. Signal Conditioning using Harmonic Oscillation 
  10. Color identification robot with automatic object
  11. sorting system for material handling in industries.
  12. Universal noise removal algorithm with impulse detector.
  13. Digital function generator with waveform display using VI
  14. Design of Comprehensive Teaching Aid for Communication Engineers/ Electrical Engineers VI
  15. Speaking aid for dumb using DSP based speech synthesizer
  16. Speaking aid for dumb using TTS Engines
  17. Color sensing and segregation of medicines in a pharmaceutical industry
  18. Movement to voice converter using MEMS and advanced speech processor
  19. Universal remote control based on Sound recognition for ipods and mobile phones
  20. Multiple Noiseless Signal transfer in hospitals for patient monitoring and networking using VI

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