Top 50 IEEE Mechanical Projects


Aim of this article:
           The motto of this article is to explains and lists the top 50 IEEE projects in Mechanical Engineering.The important specification of this project is to divide the project list based on various field in Mechanical Engineering.Hence this article is very easy to select their project title based on their interested fields.

Some Mechanical Sub-field deduced from Mechanical Engineering are:-

  • Thermodynamics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Fluid Mechanics'
  • Mechatronix
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Mechanical Simulation           
Project based on Thermodynamics Engineering:
  1. Refrigeration Cycle performance using N2O
  2. Dual Stoke diesel engine with high efficiency
  3. Fuel Consumption projects
  4. Solution to calculate the Heat transfer.
  5. Piston based hot gas engine.
  6. Recycling of Exhaust gases.
  7. Defiltration of Flue gas from Chimney
  8. Advanced Colpit precipitator
  9. Gas Turbine generator with Naptha input
  10. Vibrationless  Air Compressor
Project based on Mechatronix:    
        Mechatronix is the mixed system of Mechanics & Electronics.Hence robots is best suite for Mechatronix project.
  1. Robotic Insect
  2. Line follower Robot
  3. Solor powered  slave robot
  4. Hill Climbing robot
  5. Robots for pick-up service
  6. Embedded system for Automobile Industry
  7. Drunken Driving detection based on Embedded sysytem
  8. Auto control of vehicle while sleeping
  9. ABS enhanced sysytem
  10. Robot for Voice command
Project based on Aerodynamics Engineering:
  1. Yaw and pith Control in Wind Turbine
  2. Efficiency Enhanced Wind Turbine
  3. Advanced Aeroplane Engine
  4. Automatic Adjustment of Wind Turbine based on Wind flow
  5. Wind Turbine with high Efficiency
  6. Aerospace projects
  7. Analysis of Aerodynamics
  8. New Design for Wind Energy Turbine
  9. Stability analysis of Aerospace techniques
  10. Wind flow detection device
Project based on Fluid Mechanics:
  1. New version of Impulse turbine
  2. Enhanced version of Reaction turbine
  3. Installation of Surge tank in Hydro system
  4. Maintainence of potential energy in Hydrosystem.
  5. Techniques to avoid cracking in Hydro pipes.
  6. Electrical based control valve for pressure adjustments.
  7. Dall tube based miniature fluid turbine
  8. Pole based hydraulic generator.
  9. Digital Tachometer for Hydraulic system
  10. System Monitoring in Hydro projects.
Project based on Engineering Graphics:
  1. Perspective view formation using Simulation.
  2. Advanced CAD software with multiple benefits
  3. Microprocessor based Engineering Graphics
  4. A tool for Engineering Graphics
  5. New version of Engineering Graphics design software.
Project based on Mechanical Simulation:
  1. Casting Simulation
  2. Commissioning simulation
  3. Modelling of Inverted Pendulum using MATLAB
  4. Heat transfer calculation using MATLAB
  5. Milling Vibration simulation using MATLAB

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