Exam Requirement to get admission in California University

Requirement to get admission in California University:
          The following requirements are essential to get a seats in California University in various region.Here some ideas to get a basic requirements to fulfill the requirements expected from California University.


  1. Education Requirements:
    • Bachelor degree or above(UG/PG)
    • Accounting courses: 24 semester units in any field
    • Business courses: 24 semester units.    
  2. Holder of  CPA license:                  
            Candidates can select either Pathway 1 or Pathway 2 :
 Pathway 1 requires more “experience- heavy” with at least 2 years of experience, 
 Pathway 1 is “education-heavy” requiring 150 semester credit hours in various aspects. 

     3. Residency & Age Requirements:
  •   California residency is not required
  • Minimum age: N/A
  • Social security number not required to sit for the exam, but is required to obtain the license
  • US citizenship is not required
    4. Fees:
  •     First-timers: standard exam fees + $100 initial application fee 
  •    Not disclosed by University
     5. Contact:
        California Board of Accountancy
        2000 Evergreen Street, Suite 250
        Sacramento, CA 95815-3832
  •      Email: examinfo@cba.ca.gov
  •      Phone: 916-561-1703

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