This post provides the top 15 high rated MBA project title to enhance your project ideas.Some MBA projects to boost up your ideas are:-

  1. Association of personality types with job satisfaction (in reference to service industry)
  2. Determinants of organisation stress and preventive management
  3. Strategies for sustainable competitive advantage in consumer durable industry
  4. Boom in auto industry in India
  5. Response of customer towards the product of dairy.
  6. Determinants of organisation stress and preventive management
  7. Employee attrition and retention in it industry
  8. Re-engineering in hr practices
  9. Use of brand awareness methods in consumer durable industry
  10. Hr outsourcing in India
  11. Role of human-resource in non-government organisation.
  12. The effect of new patent law on the Indian pharmaceutical industry
  13. The study of dividend policies of Indian companies
  14. Employee satisfaction for flat product’s deparments
  15. Creating human resources for information technology - a systemic study – nasscom IT group
  16. Human resource outsourcing with special reference to training outsourcing by IT companies
  17.  product mapping and enhancing the channel distribution through financial advisors for reliance life insurance co. Ltd.
  18. Consumer buying behaviour towards ready to eat food 
  19. Recent Trends in the Indian pharmaceutical market & role of IPR
  20. An attempt to understand trends of agriculture in the northern Indian state of Punjab
  21. Hedging and arbitrage using index futures in derivatives market
  22. The psychometric tool kit of human resource management
  23. An analytical review of customer related marketing policies of leader player like fortis healthcare & max healthcare in healthcare sector
  24. Working capital position in the indian 2 wheeler industry a study on bajaj ltd and hero honda motors ltd.  

Hence this post is very useful to final year enginnering students to decide their project titles.For more detail about the project in various fields such as Mech,EEE,EIE,Civil and CSE/IT visit our site newprojectideas.

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