1.1 Abstract:
                The Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS), physiotherapy equipment based on the analog model has some of the limitations regarding the consumption of power, time and also even a minor modification is difficult to rectify. Due to the presence of many resistors and capacitors the tolerance value may change and because of that periodic tuning is necessary.  Therefore it is very difficult for the physicians to bring the exact result for the patients.


 1.2.1 Functional Substitution Service:

    The rapid growth of electronic Industry makes many parts to become obsolete at a very short period. They provide functional substitute for electronic modules using latest technology and components. They do drop in replacements, equivalent in form fit and function to the original. The substituted/ reverse engineered products are designed to meet or even excel the original.

1.2.2 Medical Electronics
The solutions extend to different segments in medical domain from Diagnostic, therapeutic to surgery.

1.2.3 Motor Driving Units

·        DC motors
·        Stepper motors
·        Servo motors
·        DCBM motors
·        Peristaltic and Venture pumps

1.2.4 Bio-Tech Lab Equipments

Control for laboratory equipments emulating Biological systems was developed. Some of the lab equipment controls are:-
  • ·        Protein analyzer control system
  • ·        Fat analyzer control system
  • ·        Shakers and oven control system
  •            Nitrogen analyzer control system

1.3 PCB Designing Service
  • ·        High speed board design.
  • ·        Mixed signal board layout techniques.
  • ·        Semi control through layout techniques.
  • ·        Multi-layer PCB fabrications.

1.4 Processors and Controllers

·        8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit controllers.
·        High speed mixed signal controller (up to 100 MIPS).
·        24 bit ADC and 12 bit DAC.
·        SDRAM and FLASH interfacing features.
·        Direct TFT driving.
·        Silicon Labs, Atmel, Renesas, Cypress PSoC.

1.5 Industrial Electronics/Automation

In the area of Industrial Electronics, Malar has done design and development based on advanced technology and has the experience of working with most sophisticated and safety critical embedded systems.
·        Digital wire processor
·        Currency counter
·        Crimp force analyzer
·        Wiring harness tester
·        Automatic crimping, stripping and sleeve cutter.
·        LED based Emergency light unit for Railways
·        Platform ticket vending machine

1.6 Renewable Energy

·        Control unit for wind mill from 200 watts to 5 kilo watt capacity.
·        Electronics for Solar thermal power plant from 20 to 200 kilo watt capacity.
·        Indigenization of control units for high capacity wind mills.

1.7 Sensors and Monitoring System

·        Piezo crystal - for force analysis in Industrial automation.
·        Pressure Sensors (Piezo based) - used in medical application products.
·        Piezo crystal - used for image scanning in medical application products.
·        PIR motion sensors - used in consumer electronics/home automation products.

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