We also offer student project guidance and training for final year projects in departments like ECE, EEE, E&I and other associated departments. We have a impeccable track record over the last ten years, during which we have guided thousands of projects in various domains.Some related projects are:-

  1. Models for bearing damage detection in induction motors using stator current monitoring
  2. Single board computer based RC servo drive for robotic arm control
  3. Approach of an FPGA based adaptive stepper motor control system
  4. Position Control of a Sensorless Stepper Motor
  5. SVPWM control on 2-phased hybrid stepper motor
  6. Stepper Motor Drive Control Based on MCU
  7. RS-485 based multi axis motor controller
  8. Position control system design based on LabVIEW
  9. Simulation and realization of Steer-by-Wire system
  10. Development of multi-axis stepper motion control system based on nios II
  11. Design of a DSP controller and driver for the power-by-wire driving system with BLDC servo motor
  12. Humanoid robot system design based on DC reduction servo motor
  13. Variable structure control for permanent magnet synchronous servo motor drive
  14. Design of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Servo Systems Based on
  15. Artificial Neural Network-Based Controller for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Servo System
  16. A Simple commutation method for PMBLDC motor used in speed servo system
  17. Open loop V/f control of induction motor based on hybrid PWM with reduced torque ripple
  18. Magnetic Effects of DC Signal Injection on Induction Motors for Thermal Evaluation of Stator Windings
  19. Performance analysis of the sensorless induction motor drive system under faulted conditions
  20. Fault analysis of induction motor
Hence this post is very useful to final year engineering students to decide their project titles.For more detail about the project in various fields such as Mech,EEE,EIE,Civil and CSE/IT visit our site newprojectideas.

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