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  1. Industrial DCS based on the X10 protocol using power line communication.
  2. An CSMA/CD based PLCC network for machines monitoring and control
  3. Home automation using power line networking and ZigBee remote control.
  4. Predictive maintenance system using vibration and temperature analysis for heavy motors in industries.
  5. Fuzzy logic based embedded power manager
  6. Fuzzy based elevator control for increased security and power management
  7. Distribution grid transformers monitoring using GSM with forced cooling control system
  8. Closed loop bidirectional speed torque control of motors for heavy industrial applications
  9. Remote sub station monitoring system using bidirectional power line communication
  10. Automatic power failure indication system for domestic and commercial use.
  11. Fuzzy logic based drive using DSP for DC and servo motors
  12. Speed control of dc motor using DAC
  13. Voice enabled speed control of dc motor
  14. Implementing single auto voltage source for multiple devices 
  15. Transmission line multiple faults detection and indication to electricity board
  16. Power Generation system in Speed breakers and rail tracks
  17. Sliding-Mode Control 77 Human Eye Perception Based Power Saver For Industrial Units And Public Places
  18. Detection and Isolation of Speed-, DC-Link Voltage-, and Current-Sensor Faults Based on an Adaptive Observer in Induction-Motor Drives
  19. Power theft identification system in distribution lines using differential power measurement
  20. Application of fuzzy neural network in the speed control system of induction motor
  21. Speed and Flux Control of Induction Motors Using Emotional Intelligent Controller
  22. Space Vector Modulation based Field Oriented Control scheme for Brushless DC motors
  23. New Method for Sensorless Estimation of the Speed and Position in brushed
  24. DC Motors Using Support Vector Machines
  25. Sliding Mode Speed Control of a DC Motor
  26. DC Motor Speed Calculation Based on Armature Current Measurement
  27. Design of fast fuzzy controller and its application on position control of DC motor
  28. Closed current loop regulator for electric kart DC motor torque stabilization
  29. Adaptive anti-control of chaos of permanent magnet DC motor system
  30. Speed Control of DC motor using SCR.
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