This post provides the top 15 high rated MATLAB based image processing project title to enhance your project ideas.Some image processing projects are:-

  1. The Design Of The Emperature And Humidity Supervisory Monitor System
  2. Technique Of LFSR Based Test Generator Synthesis For Deterministic And Pseudorandom Testing
  3. Ultra Low-Power Clocking Scheme Using Energy Recovery And Clock Gating
  4. Design And Characterization Of Parallel Prefix Adders Using FPGAs
  5. Runtime Resonance Noise Reduction With Current Prediction Enabled Frequency Actuator
  6. Adaptive OFDM Radar For Target Detection In Multipath Scenarios
  7. A Pipeline VLSI Architecture For High-Speed Computation Of The 1-D Discrete Wavelet Transform  
  8. A Blind Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based On Wavelet Transform
  9. High-Throughput Interpolator Architecture For Low-Complexity Chase Decoding Of RS Codes.
  10. Image Edge Detection Based On FPGA
  11. Systematic Design Of RSA Processors Based On High-Radix Montgomery Multipliers
  12. Effective Hybrid Test Program Development For Software-Based Self-Testing Of Pipeline Processor Cores 
  13. An FPGA-Based Architecture For Linear And Morphological Image Filtering
  14. Modeling TCP/IP Stack In A Single Custom Processor, With Secure Data Transmission To An Altera-Based Web Server
  15. Implementing A Safe Embedded Computing System In Sram-Based FPGA’s
  16. Using IP Cores: A Case Study Based On The Altera NIOS-II Soft Processor
  17. RFID-Based Hospital Real-Time Patient Management System
  18. A Multibank Memory-Based VLSI Architecture Of DVB Symbol Deinterleaver
  19. Design And Simulation Of UART Serial Communication Module Based On VHDL
  20. Task Migration In Mesh NOCS Over Virtual Point-To-Point Connections
  21. A Review On Power Optimization Of Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) For Low Power Built In Self Test (BIST)
  22. Cyclic Prefixed OQAM-OFDM And Its Application To Single-Carrier FDMA
  23. Embedded Web Server For Remote Laboratory Access For Undergraduate Students Studying Electronic Engineering
  24. Pseudorandom Bit Generation Using Coupled Congruential Generators.
  25. An Efficient Implementation Of Floating Point Multiplier
  26. High-Speed Low-Power Viterbi Decoder Design For TCM Decoders
  27. A Very Fast And Low Power Carry Select Adder Circuit
Hence this post is very useful to final year enginnering students to decide their project titles.For more detail about the project in various fields such as Mech,EEE,EIE,Civil and CSE/IT visit our site newprojectideas.

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