We also offer student project guidance and training for final year projects in departments like ECE, EEE, E&I and other associated departments. We have a impeccable track record over the last ten years, during which we have guided thousands of projects in various domains.Some Power Electronics projects are:-

  1. Power-line communication-based network architecture for LVDC distribution system
  2. The verification of data acquisition approach for new fault location method in medium voltage networks
  3. Development of On-line monitoring system of substation power equipment based on IEEE1588 standard
  4. Design of DCDC Boost Converter with FNN Solar Cell Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller
  5. A Novel Improved Variable Step-Size Incremental-Resistance MPPT Method for PV Systems
  6. Design and realization of a photovoltaic system equipped with a digital MPPT control
  7. MPPT control strategy for wind energy conversion system based on RBF network
  8. Simulation of MPPT control algorithm for photovoltaic cell based on Matlab
  9. Embedded Power Manager for large industries and residential complexes
  10. Wireless power transmission technologies for solar power satellite
  11. Data Transfer using Flux in Inductive power transfer systems for high power machines
  12. Maximum Demand Controller for Industries
  13. Impact of green power generation on distribution systems in a smart grid
  14. Analysis of the Distributed Generation System and the Influence on Power Loss
  15. Power quality improvement of unbalanced power system with distributed generation units
  16. Power quality improvement of 1-Φ grid-connected PWM inverter using fuzzy with hysteresis current controller
  17. Application of STATCOM for power quality improvement
  18. Motor Multiparameter Monitoring System for fault prevention
  19. Power quality improvement of unbalanced power system with distributed generation units
  20. Synchronised Measurement Technology for Analysis of Transmission Lines Faults
      Hence this post is very useful to final year enginnering students to decide their project titles.For more detail about the project in various fields such as Mech,EEE,EIE,Civil and CSE/IT visit our site newprojectideas

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