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  1. Electronic system for improvement of solar plant efficiency by optimized algorithm implemented in biaxial solar trackers
  2. Unbalanced Three-phase Optimal Power Flow for Smart Grids
  3. An efficient home energy management system based on Automatic Meter Reading
  4. Innovative 3D integration of power MOSFETs for synchronous buck converters
  5. Automatic changeover for 3 phase connections with data logger
  6. Eye tracking based driver fatigue monitoring and warning system
  7. A design of network remote control system
  8. Temperature-controlling system based on TEC
  9. A New Technique to Detect Faults in De-Energized Distribution Feeders Scheme and Asymmetrical Fault Detection
  10. Smart metering and home automation solutions for the next decade
  11. Energy economic analysis of PV based charging station at workplace parking garage
  12. Design of an innovative transformer load management in taipower
  13. A centralized monitoring and analysis system of transmission lines in mined-out area 
  14. Development of an power Transmission Online Monitoring System
  15. Automatic Switching of consumer connection in distribution feeder for efficient load distribution
  16. Maximum Power Point Tracking of Multiple Photovoltaic Arrays: A PSO Approach
  17. Improvement of electric railway transportation protection systems using a relay based on fuzzy logic
  18. A channel model for power line communication in the smart grid
  19. Advanced Logistical Systems for the Maintenance of Overhead Distribution Lines Through DCC With the Use of Laser Monitoring
  20. Broken Conductor Detection for Overhead Line Distribution System
  21. Line Losses Management System of Distribution Networks Based on Local Area Network
  22. Solar Tracking system for Maximum power output with real time power monitoring system
  23. Development of automatic line-tracking inspection device for high voltage transmission lines based on ground control
  24. Accurate location of phase-to-earth and phase-to-phase faults on power transmission lines using two-end synchronized measurements
  25. Transformer Load Sharing for efficiency improvement
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