About the Dam:
       Hoover Dam,  is a concrete arch-gravity dam once known as Boulder Dam which is constructed in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River between the border of U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada. This projects is completed in 1936, it was the world's largest hydroelectric power generating station and the world's largest concrete structure.

Planning of the projects:
       One representative each from the Commission on the state of the speech, which was created in 1922 by President Warren Harding and Central Government.The under federal representative, the business secretary, was Herbert Hoover. In January 1922, Hoover in their states' use of Colorado River water apportioning work out a reasonable arrangement, Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming met state governors. November 24, 1922 resulting Colorado River Compact signed on, each of the states to determine whether water can be divided into upper and lower parts of the river basin separated. This agreement, known as the Hoover Compromise, paved Boulder Dam project. The largest dam, flood control, irrigation, water flow, and built to provide hydroelectric energy production.

The first attempt to gain Congressional approval for construction of Boulder Dam of Representatives and the Senate, two bills were introduced in 1922. The Bill was introduced on the T-bills and Swing Swing and SenatorHiram W. Johnson - Johnson called bills. Bills were unable to come to a vote later brought back several times. In December 1928, both the House and Senate finally approved the bill and sent it to the president for approval. December 21, 1928, on bill approved by President Calvin Coolidge signed the Boulder Canyon Project. President Herbert Hoover as the initial appropriation for construction was made in July 1930.
Boulder Canyon dam should be built at the beginning of the program, and the program called Boulder Canyon Project. Dam site at the end of Black Canyon to the lower eight miles (13 km) went, but the name of the Boulder Canyon a dam the river and sufficient physical control does not provide that the Black Canyon to transfer the necessary same.A main intended Boulder cell known what damsite-side down. 

      Flood protection in the construction site, two cofferdams were built. Even that's still not changed over the river cofferdam construction, which began in September 1932. Cofferdam on the Nevada side of the river, a temporary horse-shaped dike protected. Arizona mines completed, and the river flow, after the work was completed quickly. Cofferdams at the construction site of dewatered, excavation for the dam foundation began. Solid Rock Dam rest, until it reaches the bedrock of sound accumulated erosion of the riverbed was necessary to remove soil and other loose objects. Digging the foundation work was completed in June 1933. During excavations for the foundation, meaning approximately 1,500,000 cubic yards (1,150,000 m 3) was deleted. A gravity dam - after that type of curve, a side canyon walls that bear the force of the impounded lake. The side walls of water seepage, wintertime freeze cracking, and Arizona / Nevada desert heat / cold cycles have centuries of experience in the temperature of the Virgin (UN weather) to rock, the most excavated.

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