New Mini Projects 2013 : Automation of Examination for ECE / CSE / IT

Automation of Examination Mini Project

A New mini project for CSE / IT / ECE students, you can try this project , more info about the project and the report is given on the end of this page .

You can visit the official website and get more details about the project . We've given just the abstract of the project , 

Abstract :
The examinations are conducted on periodic basis in every educational institutions. It should be systematic and proper. So manual conduction of examination is always tedious and cumbersome. All these problems can be solved by automating the examination system. By automating the examination system, the coordinators of the examination can conduct the examination systematically. By computerizing the examination system, the examinations are conducted smoothly, error free and systematically. This project is applicable to examinations conducted in colleges, schools or any other institutions conducting examinations. This project deals with the automation of whole process of examination work such as adding the details of the student, invigilators, question papers, class room etc and preparing examination schedules, absentees list, invigilator allocation list, class room allocation list etc. The allotment of invigilators for each class room are automatically prepared for the examinations. The schedule of examinations can be generated by entering the details of examinations. After the examinations, we can prepare absentees list also. Thus system is very advantageous for the systematic conduct of examinations.

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