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Title : Embedded Web Tech in Traffic Monitoring System

The paper mainly discusses design of hardware & software for embedded web server with Heterogeneous network seamless connectivity and implement of key technology. It contains transplantation of embedded Linux operating system, design of embedded web server, transplantation of database and implementing method of main functions.

Remote monitoring is realized to traffic information collection, monitoring traffic conditions, traffic control, information published and communication of traffic data by using combining EWS technology with Internet. The results indicate that the intelligent traffic control technology based on embedded web technology can achieve the integration of a wide range of information collection and it breaks through the traditional traffic monitoring technology for designing traffic monitoring system and provides the advanced technology based on embedded Web for designing modern traffic monitoring system. The testing showed the traffic monitoring system based on embedded Web technology has the good real-time and high reliability and good scalability and anti-interference performance. Meanwhile, it has also laid a good foundation for the further study of a new type of intelligent traffic information collection system .

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