Mobility Support in IPV6 Seminar Topic Download for CSE - Mobile IPV6

IPV6 Mobility Support

New Seminar Topic for Computer Science and Engineering ( CSE ) with the complete details , you  may download the seminar topic .

Why Mobile IPv6 ? 

• Huge growth of mobile Internet terminals will exhaust IPv4 address space
     – All wireless terminals will have WAP and GPRS
• IPv6 brings enough IP addresses
• Ease of scalability
     – Supporting billions of new devices and huge amounts of new bandwidth
     – Simplified, cost-efficient architecture without NATs , Proxies, ALGs
• Always-on connection establishes a variety of new services.
     – Push, location-based, etc.
• Integrated Security
• Efficiency: IPv6 improves efficiency in a number of areas.
     – Routing, Broadcast handling
• Quality of Service improvements
     – Fragmentation, Flows
• Mobility Across Access Technologies
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Download IPV6 Mobility Seminar Topic : Click here

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