3 Interesting Seminar Topics on Future Technology for Electronics / Computer Science Students

Some of you sent us questions regarding, What are the Future Technology that we can take seminar on ?

Well, although many researches are currently being carried out on different field by many big institutes , we can be sure, in Technology the following are going to lead ,
  • Augment Reality ( AR ) Technology
  • Virtual Reality ( VR ) Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence ( AI )

What is Augment Reality & How it Works ?

InShort : Augment Reality brings Physical & Digital view of our real world with computer generated sensory inputs

What is Virtual Reality ? ( VR ) How it Works ?

What is Artificial Intelligence ? ( AI )

Are you interested on these topics ? Have you already heard of this ? There are tons of articles / video reference available on youtube , you can research & prepare AI or VR or AR technology as your seminar topics or even do a project on this .

More latest seminar topics are coming up for you 2016 - 2017 .

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