10 New Project Topics for CSE - Latest Projects Lists for CSE

Project Topics for CSE

We've listed 20 Topics for CSE in previous post , here is the next 10 topics for computer science students , if you have any ideas, project lists , topics, seminar topics do send it to us .

We will share them here , it will be useful for thousands of students like you !

1. Color Image Indexing Using Binay Truncation Coding

2. Software Project Management Information System

3. An Integrated Congestion Management Architecture for Internet Hosts

4. Efficient Frequency Domain Selective Scrambling of Digital Video

 5. Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks using Emotional Ants

6. Foveation Scalable Video Coding

7. Association Rule Hiding

8. Enhanced Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Analysis

9. Proximity Aware DHT-based Load Balancing in Heterogenous P2P Systems

10. Three-Dimensional Object Recognition from Local Scale-Invariant Keypoint Features.

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20 New Project Titles for CSE 2017 - Latest IEEE 2017 Projects

20 New CSE Project Titles

For those who are belongs to CSE ( Computer Science & Engineering ) here are some 20 New Project Titles which will help you to do your Final Sem Projects this 2017.

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Related Projects :

New Project Titles for CSE Final Year :

Projective Clustering by Histograms

Time-Scaled Proxy Server

Optimized Distributed Association Rule Mining

Maximal Frequent Itemset Mining using Support Vectors
Yarn Fabrication Defect Analysis System using Image Processing

Fault-Tolerant Distributed Channel Allocation

Distributed Content-Based Visual Information Retrieval System on Peer-to-Peer Networks

Domain-Based Multiple Description Coding of Images and Video Domain-Based Multiple Description Coding of Images and Video

Structure and Texture Filling-In of Missing Image Blocks in Wireless Transmission and Compression Applications

High-Performance Motion-based Handwritten Signature Recognition

Efficient Phrase-based Document Indexing for Web Document Clustering

Efficient Iris Recognition by Characterizing Key Local Variations

TCP Vegas-like Algorithm for Layered Multicast Transmission

Link Layer Support for Streaming MPEG Video over Wireless Links

Privacy Preserving Distributed Mining of Association Rules in Horizontally Partitioned Data

A Simulation-based Analysis of Cycle-Time of Cluster Tools in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Upcoming Project Titles :
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  • Mechanical Engineering Project titles
  • New Electronics based projects
  • Embedded system based projects for electronics students
  • robotics
  • digital image processing
  • matlab based 2017 project

40 New Semiar Topics for Electronics Students | Electronics Semiar Topics

New Electronics Seminar Topics

Here are the 40 new Seminar topics for Electronics students , if you have anything new to share with us, you can do that via comments .

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40 Electronics Seminar Topics

  1. Speedy optical processor-Enlight 
  2. Internal Protocol Television 
  3. Clock less Chip 
  4. GMPLS Generalised Multprotocol Label System 
  5. Hyper transporter 
  6. H.232 Communication Standard 
  7. Sympathetic Haptics 
  8. PCI Express Technology 
  9. Magnetic RAM 
  10. Digital Light Processing Technology 
  11. Adaptive Cruise Technology 
  12. Asymmetrical Digital Subscribe Line 
  13. SETMOS 
  14. Reconfigurable Processor 
  15. Ameture Packet Radio 
  16. Quantum Transistor 
  17. Structural Health Monitoring System using EM Approach 
  18. Cryogenic Elip-Chip for petaflop computers 
  19. MIMO Wireless System 
  20. Introduction to Mobile scaleable Technology 
  21. Hypersonic Sound Technology 
  22. Electronic Paper 
  23. Enhanced version of data oriented 
  24. Wi-Max 
  25. High Altitude Platform 
  26. Fractal Antennas 
  27. Remote Media Immersion System 
  28. Hyper Threading Technology 
  29. Hybrid Technology Multithreaded Architecture 
  30. Terrestral Trunked Radio 
  31. Efficient Micro-Electronc Design 
  32. A Visual Near Prosthetics 
  33. BOC Technology 
  34. Cellonics Technology 
  35. Voice Over Digital Subcibers Line  
  36. Smart Dust 
  37. Quantum Dot OLED 
  38. Conditional Acess System 
  39. Interplanetary internet 
  40. Asymmetrical Digital Subscribe Line
New seminar topics for electronics and communication engineering, electronics seminar topics for ece , new ideas , new project ideas 2017

25 New Seminar Topics for Mechanical Engineering Students ( Part 2 ) | Mechanical Engineering Seminar Topics

Mechanical Engineering Seminar Topics

Some of the most important topics and popular Mechanical Engineering Seminar Topics referred from World wide Engineering Forums .

Students those who are searching for New seminar topics for mechanical enginering, mech seminar topics , usefull seminar titles , may use the one given below,

List of Seminar Topics for Mech Engg

Antiskid System Of Supersonic

Application Of Crvoi Reatmkm Fok Enhancement In Tool Like

Application Of Cryotreatment..

Application Of Laser Machining In Diamond Processing

Applications Of Micro-Controller In Auotomobile

Aqua Silencer - A Noise & Emission Controller

Aque Fuel

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Future Around Us

Artificial Intelligence (Modelling Air Fuel Ratio Control)

Artificial Intelligence In Mechanical Field

Artificial Intelligence-Present And Future

Assembly Of Water Cooler


Auto Drilling With Geneva

Automated Assembly System

Automatic Braking System 


Automation And Robotics

Automation Of Ultrasonic Testing Procedures

Automobile AC By Utilizing Waste Heat & Gases


Automobile Air Conditioning


Balance Of Tool Holder

Credit : SeminarTopics

20 New Mechanical Engineering Semiar Topics | Seminar Topics for Mechanical Engineering 2017 ( Part 1 )

Mechanical Engineering Projects

Given below are some 20 Seminar Topics which students can use as reference for their Seminars . Research in this topics for your Mechanical Engineering Seminars .

If you have any other lists / doubts post your queries .

Abrasive Water Jet

Acoustic Emission Based Machining Tool Condition Monitoring “ An Overview

Active Suspension System 

Adaptive Cruise Control For Modern Automobile


Advance Systems In Two Wheelers

Advances In Automobiles (Hybrid Vehicles)

Air Bearing Next Generation Bearings

Air Bearings

Air Brithing Engine

Air Powered Car 

Air Suspension System And Its...

Alternative Abrasive To Diamond

Alternative Fuel

Amphibious Army Surveillance Vehicle




Antilock Brake System

Antilock Braking System

Mobility Support in IPV6 Seminar Topic Download for CSE - Mobile IPV6

IPV6 Mobility Support

New Seminar Topic for Computer Science and Engineering ( CSE ) with the complete details , you  may download the seminar topic .

Why Mobile IPv6 ? 

• Huge growth of mobile Internet terminals will exhaust IPv4 address space
     – All wireless terminals will have WAP and GPRS
• IPv6 brings enough IP addresses
• Ease of scalability
     – Supporting billions of new devices and huge amounts of new bandwidth
     – Simplified, cost-efficient architecture without NATs , Proxies, ALGs
• Always-on connection establishes a variety of new services.
     – Push, location-based, etc.
• Integrated Security
• Efficiency: IPv6 improves efficiency in a number of areas.
     – Routing, Broadcast handling
• Quality of Service improvements
     – Fragmentation, Flows
• Mobility Across Access Technologies
Source : ST

Download IPV6 Mobility Seminar Topic : Click here

20 New Seminar Topics for ECE 2017 - Seminar Topics in Electronics

New Seminar Topics

We've already shared you many seminar topics for Electronics and Communication Engineering ( ECE ) and other branches too . Here with response to few visitors we 've shared 20 New Seminar Topics in Electronics field 2017
new seminar topics,electronics,seminar

List of Seminar Topics for Electronics Students

1. Double image mixing for D stereoscopic vision
2. Common Challenges in Image Processing
3. Radar guidance systems
4. Radio broadcasting system : Design and Application
5. Video Streaming Technology in G Mobile Communication Systems
6. Edubuntu: Linux for Young Human Beings
7. Wireless Video Service in CDMA Systems
8. Challenges to Next generation Internet Internet 
9. Network Virus
10. Recent Advances in Speech Recognition and Speaker Verification HDMI and DisplayPort: How it works
11. Flat screen display systems
12. Performance Evaluation Of Hybrid OFDM/CDMA/SFH Approach For Wireless
13. Software based GPS receiver
14. MPEG and H. Scalable Video Coding
15. Security Analysis of Authentication Watermarking System
16. The impact of Cognitive Radio for Exploiting Underused Spectrum
17. Investigation of the types of handovers in wireless communication system
18. Challenges to Next-generation Internet Internet III
19. SpaceTime Coding For FrequencySelective Fading Channels
20. The Winner II Channel Model

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Mini Projects for ECE, CSE, IT, EEE, MECH 2017

Mini Projects for Engineering Students

Those who are doing pre-final year may need mini projects for their academic activity , before going for final year projects .

Here you'll get Mini Project ideas, mini project titles, mini project materials collected from around the internet .
If you like to share your ideas, do share  with us via comments or email us .

Mini Projects for ECE

Mini Projects for CSE

Mini Projects for EEE

Mini Projects for IT

Mini Projects for MECH

Final year project ideas , final year project papers , ieee 2017 papers will be available for download with abstracts, thesis .

IEEE 2016 - 2017 Projects - Abstract , Base Papers, List of Seminar Topics for Engg Students

Download IEEE 2016 - 2017 Projects , Abstracts and Base Papers for Electronics and Communication , Computer Science , IT papers .

Students of ECE / CSE / IT / EEE may download the ieee papers from the official website of ieee at www.ieee.org

Seminar Topics :

We will also update / share the recent trends in those field . Also for those who like to know the List of New Seminar Topics in Recent Trends will also be updated .

There are so many requests for new project titles from IEEE but as the membership is needed to download any paper from the site .

We will try to add new projects from ScienceDirect and other project directories for the ease of students .

If you have project ideas / titles / abstracts / base papers ? Want to share with fellow engineers ? Do send us the details and files to the below mail id : jeni4evr @ gmail .com

Your help will eventually help thousands of students around the world . So do share with us whatever the materials you've .

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20 New Seminar Topics for Mechanical Engineering Students 2017

Hi friends, in this page i would like to share with you the 20 most commonly known seminar topics that you can prepare for your academics .

List includes collection sourced from SeminarTopics and other shared by users like you , If you have New Ideas for projects or seminars ? Do share with us, it would help thousands more students .

List of 20 Seminar Topics for Mechanical Engineering :

  1. Special materials for ultra low temperature applications .
  2. Magnetic Bearing
  3. Solar power Tower
  4. Cylinder Deactivation
  5. Electric Rocket Engine
  6. Micro scale regenerative Heat Exchanger
  7. Semi automatic transmission
  8. Ergonomics
  9. Electrostatic precipitator
  10. Space stations
  11. Semi solid Casting
  12. Antilock Braking System
  13. Reusable Launch Vehicles
  14. Crystaline Silicon Solar Cells
  15. Ball valve
  16. Magnetic Bearing
  17. Space Robotics
  18. Ocean Thermal Energy
  19. Lean Burn Spark Ignition Engine
  20. Variable Speed Drives
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