New Project Ideas for ECE - GSM Based Tracking for Students Attendance in College 2014

New Project Ideas

GSM Based Tracking system for parents to monitor students attendance in Colleges , this electronic projects is for Electronics and Communication Engineering ( ECE ) students as well as EI .

Abstract :

It is time consuming task for the parents to check regular presence of the student to the college. And also for the college administrative people it is time consuming task to check each and every student attendance and marks to inform to the parents.

But this project An Intimation to the parents about the bunking of the student for the college through GSM SMS will give and easy, low cost and automatic solution .

In this project we are going to use ARM7 based LPC2148 Microcontroller. The transmitting section consists of RFID module and GSM modem receiving section is the GSM based mobile phone.

SOFTWARE: Embedded ‘C’
TOOLS: Keil, Flash magic
TARGET DEVICE: LPC2148(ARM7) Microcontroller.
APPLICATIONS: Schools and Colleges,
ADVANTAGES: Low cost, automated, reduce the burden for parents to know students attendance. 

Block Diagram :
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Mini Projects for ECE, CSE, IT, EEE, MECH 2013 - 2014

Mini Projects for Engineering Students

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Mini Projects for ECE

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20 New Seminar Topics for ECE 2013 - Seminar Topics in Electronics

New Seminar Topics

We've already shared you many seminar topics for Electronics and Communication Engineering ( ECE ) and other branches too . Here with response to few visitors we 've shared 20 New Seminar Topics in Electronics field 2013
new seminar topics,electronics,seminar

List of Seminar Topics for Electronics Students

1.     Double image mixing for D stereoscopic vision
2. Common Challenges in Image Processings
3. Radar guidance systems
4. Radio broadcasting system : Design and Application
5. Video Streaming Technology in G Mobile Communication Systems
6. Edubuntu: Linux for Young Human Beings
7. Wireless Video Service in CDMA Systems
8. Challenges to Nextgeneration Internet Internet 
9. Network Virus
10. Recent Advances in Speech Recognition and Speaker Verification HDMI and DisplayPort: How it works
11. Flat screen display systems
12. Performance Evaluation Of Hybrid OFDM/CDMA/SFH Approach For Wireless
13. Software based GPS receiver
14. MPEG and H. Scalable Video Coding
15. Security Analysis of Authentication Watermarking System
16. The impact of Cognitive Radio for Exploiting Underused Spectrum
17. Investigation of the types of handovers in wireless communication system
18. Challenges to Next-generation Internet Internet III
19. SpaceTime Coding For FrequencySelective Fading Channels
20. The Winner II Channel Model

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New Project Ideas for 2014 Mini Projects ECE , CSE, IT , EEE, MECH

New Project Ideas

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IEEE 2013 Project Titles for ECE, CSE, IT Engineering Students

IEEE 2013 Project Titles

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Anna University Results for May/June 2013 Exams - 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th Sem

Anna University Results 2013

Anna University May/June 2013 Results for 2nd semester, 4th semester, 6th semester & 8th semester examinations will be declared on the month of August 2013 . 

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Candidates of 2nd, 4th, 6th sem exam will get results on Aug 2013 .

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Mobility Support in IPV6 Seminar Topic Download for CSE - Mobile IPV6

IPV6 Mobility Support

New Seminar Topic for Computer Science and Engineering ( CSE ) with the complete details , you  may download the seminar topic .

Why Mobile IPv6 ? 

• Huge growth of mobile Internet terminals will exhaust IPv4 address space
     – All wireless terminals will have WAP and GPRS
• IPv6 brings enough IP addresses
• Ease of scalability
     – Supporting billions of new devices and huge amounts of new bandwidth
     – Simplified, cost-efficient architecture without NATs , Proxies, ALGs
• Always-on connection establishes a variety of new services.
     – Push, location-based, etc.
• Integrated Security
• Efficiency: IPv6 improves efficiency in a number of areas.
     – Routing, Broadcast handling
• Quality of Service improvements
     – Fragmentation, Flows
• Mobility Across Access Technologies
Source : ST

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IEEE 2013 - 2014 Projects - Abstract , Base Papers, List of Seminar Topics for Engg Students

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Latest Projects for ECE , Mech , CSE , IT , IEEE 2013 Projects , Abstracts, Base Papers

Latest Projects for students those who are pursuing Electronics and communication Engineering , Mechanical Engineering , Computer Science & Engineering , Information Technology  , with reference to IEEE Projects 2013 .

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Embedded Web Technologies in Traffic Monitoring System | New Projects for ECE in Embedded System

New Project Idea for Electronics Students

Title : Embedded Web Tech in Traffic Monitoring System

The paper mainly discusses design of hardware & software for embedded web server with Heterogeneous network seamless connectivity and implement of key technology. It contains transplantation of embedded Linux operating system, design of embedded web server, transplantation of database and implementing method of main functions.

Remote monitoring is realized to traffic information collection, monitoring traffic conditions, traffic control, information published and communication of traffic data by using combining EWS technology with Internet. The results indicate that the intelligent traffic control technology based on embedded web technology can achieve the integration of a wide range of information collection and it breaks through the traditional traffic monitoring technology for designing traffic monitoring system and provides the advanced technology based on embedded Web for designing modern traffic monitoring system. The testing showed the traffic monitoring system based on embedded Web technology has the good real-time and high reliability and good scalability and anti-interference performance. Meanwhile, it has also laid a good foundation for the further study of a new type of intelligent traffic information collection system .

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