100 Seminar Topics for Electronics Engineering Students - ECE seminar Topics and Ideas

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Seminar Topics for Electronics and Communication Engineering students

1. Quadrics network
2. Worldwide Inter operatibility for Microwave Access
3. Fpga offloads dsp?s.
4. Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance
5. Light emitting polymers
6. E-Commerce
7. Extreme ultraviolet lithography*
8. Low Power UART Design for Serial Data Communication
9. Multi threading microprocessors
10. Passive Millimeter-Wave
11. Magnetic Resonance Imaging
12. Microelectronic Pills~
13. Multisensor Fusion and Integration
14. Molecular Electronics
15. Money Pad, The Future Wallet
16. Treating Cardiac Disease With Catheter-Based Tissue Heating
17. Adaptive Multipath Detection4
18. Heliodisplay
19. Virtual Reality~
20. Real Time System Interface
21. Wireless LED
22. Real-Time Image Processing Applied To Traffic
23. Class-D Amplifiers
24. Radiation Hardened Chips
25. Time Division Multiple Access
26. Embryonics Approach Towards Integrated Circuits
27. Cellular Digital Packet Data (Cdpd)
28. EC2 Technology
29. Crusoe Processor
30. Swarm intelligence & traffic Safety
31. Software Radio3
32. Integrated Power Electronics Module
33. Power System Contingencies
34. e-Paper Display
36. Push Technology
37. Distributed Integrated Circuits
38. Electronics Meet Animal Brains
39. Navbelt and Guidicane
40. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
41. Organic LED
42. Optical networking
43. Tunable Lasers
44. Code Division Duplexing
45. Satellite Radio TV System
46. Code Division Multiple Access
47. Project Oxygen
48. Robotic balancing..
49. Integer Fast Fourier Transform
50. Daknet
51. Cryptography~
52. 3- D IC's
53. Continuously variable transmission (CVT)
54. Fibre Optic Communication~
55. AC Performance Of Nanoelectronics
56. Continuously variable transmission (CVT)
57. Intel express chipsets.
58. Military Radars
59. Moletronics- an invisible technology
60. Significance of real-time transport Protocol in VOIP
61. Acoustics
62. Testing cardiac diseased based on catheter based tissue heating
63. Cellular Through Remote Control Switch
64. Touch Screens
65. Implementation Of Zoom FFT in Ultrasonic Blood Flow Analysis
66. FRAM
67. The Bionic Eye
68. Synchronous Optical Network
69. Satellite Radio
70. Nanotechnology
71. Fault Diagnosis Of Electronic System using AI
72. Asynchronous Chips
73. E-Nose
74. Holographic Data Storage
76. Crystaline Silicon Solar Cells
77. Space Robotics
78. Guided Missiles
79. Synchronous Optical Networking
80. Cyberterrorism
81. Plasma Antennas
82. Welding Robots
83. Laser Communications
84. Architectural requirements for a DSP processer
85. High-availability power systems Redundancy options
86. Utility Fog
88. DSP Processor
89. e-governance.
90. Smart Pixel Arrays
91. The mp3 standard.
92. Resilient Packet Ring RPR.
93. Fast convergemce algorithms for active noise control in vehicles
94. Thermal infrared imaging technology
96. ISO Loop magnetic couplers
97. Evolution Of Embedded System
98. Guided Missiles
99. Iris Scanning
100. QoS in Cellular Networks Based on MPT

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