IEEE 2012 Project for Communication Engineering


       In industrial area control of water sequence flow is essential.Many industries like Petrochemical,Power plant,Cement,Oil refineries are based on the control of parameters like flow,temperature,pressure and moisture are essential.Our motto is to control the water flow in industries by using auto controlling control valve.This control is obtained from the remote location by using Wireless(ZIGBEE)

Components required for this Project:
*Zigbee module kit
*Flow based mechanical setup
*Closed control system process kit
*Control Valve
*Monitoring Setup
*Microcontroller kit for Operation

About Zigbee:

            IEEE standard 802.15.4 an Zigbee product intends to produce offer a fundamental network layers of a type of wireless personal area network (WPAN),LAN and PAN which focuses on low-cost for purchase, low-speed  communication between devices such as Wi-Fi. The emphasis is on very low cost communication of nearby devices with little to no underlying infrastructure, intending to exploit this to lower power consumption even more.
The range of this network is 1.6 miles.Operator can operate the signal within a range of 1.6 miles,which is 10 times greater than that of bluetooth devices,
Even lower rates should  be considered with the low resulting effect for low power consumption. As already noted, the main feature of IEEE 802.15.4 among WPAN's is the importance of manufacturing this wireless network at very low cost.
About Control valve:
Control valves are kind of hardware valves used to control certain industrial parameters as mentioned above by fully opening or partially opening or closing fully in response to signals obtained  from controllers that compare a "setpoint/reference value" to a "process variables" .
The operation of control valves is done automatically by actuators.Different type of actuators are pneumatic,electrical and hydraulic.Among these electrical actuators are common in industries.For pneumatic the controller is worked in the range from 0-15 psi.In case of electrical 0-15 psi is converted into 4-20 mA.
Some characteristics of Control valve is quick opening,parabolic opening and equivalent opening.
Different type of control valve:
  • Butterfly valve
  • Hand valve
  • Rotatory valve
  • Pressurized valve

Actual Process:
The operator from  remote location is capable to set the set point of the water flow to 700 lph.Now the process starts commanded from remote area.The manual operation of the water flow control is to regulates the water flow with control valve.To increase the flow of liquid the number of turns in control valve is increased to obtain a large place for flow.For maintaining of low water flow the number of turns is reduced.Hence this control valve is controlled by using closed loop system based on the reference value.Hence this project consists of two set of transceivers.One is placed near water control loop system and another in remote areas.Once the value is entered in the remote area the control valve is tends to rotate the valve for high range of space in control valve deposit.The water flow is monitored and datas are passed through the transceiver of Zigbee module(IEEE 802 module) to the remote area.By using this method we can monitor and control the water flow of the water loop system.


  • Maintainence cost is low
  • Operation is very easy
  • Easy to detect error
  • Increase the monitoring Efficiency

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