20 New Project Titles for CSE 2017 - Latest IEEE 2017 Projects

20 New CSE Project Titles

For those who are belongs to CSE ( Computer Science & Engineering ) here are some 20 New Project Titles which will help you to do your Final Sem Projects this 2017.

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New Project Titles for CSE Final Year :

Projective Clustering by Histograms

Time-Scaled Proxy Server

Optimized Distributed Association Rule Mining

Maximal Frequent Itemset Mining using Support Vectors
Yarn Fabrication Defect Analysis System using Image Processing

Fault-Tolerant Distributed Channel Allocation

Distributed Content-Based Visual Information Retrieval System on Peer-to-Peer Networks

Domain-Based Multiple Description Coding of Images and Video Domain-Based Multiple Description Coding of Images and Video

Structure and Texture Filling-In of Missing Image Blocks in Wireless Transmission and Compression Applications

High-Performance Motion-based Handwritten Signature Recognition

Efficient Phrase-based Document Indexing for Web Document Clustering

Efficient Iris Recognition by Characterizing Key Local Variations

TCP Vegas-like Algorithm for Layered Multicast Transmission

Link Layer Support for Streaming MPEG Video over Wireless Links

Privacy Preserving Distributed Mining of Association Rules in Horizontally Partitioned Data

A Simulation-based Analysis of Cycle-Time of Cluster Tools in Semiconductor Manufacturing
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