50 New Seminar Topics for Electronics and Communication ( ECE ) 2017 - 2018

Friends here are some interesting seminar topics for ECE students who might be in 7th semester / final year . So better you look into this topics before you pick up your projects .

We'll update this page with all new topics 2017 coming out in the electronics field .

New Seminar Topics from Electronics & Communication Field :

E 10 B Exchange.

Key Telephone system

Smart Cards and its applications

Local area Network

Space Craft Electronics

Satellite Communication

Network Security

Computer Architecture

Automatic Tailor Machine

Use of Ultra Sound in medical field

Frame relay

VLSI technology

Global Positioning System

Remote Sensing payloads

Patient monitering system

Satellite Communication

Laser and its applications

Field programmable gate array

High defination Television

Video Conferencing

MRI Scanning Technology

Mobile communication Working Principle

Electronic Navigation system

Computer Networking Techniques

Temperature sensor and its applications

Neural network (Artificial intelligence)

Error detection system

Frequency converter

Digital Signal Processing

Capacitor discharge ignition

Marine Navigation

Missile Guidance System

Global Satellite telephony

Optical Inter-satellite Link

Fabrication and application of microcontroller

Phase Shift Keying

Digital Image Processing

Radar and Navigation System


Distributed Control System


Computer Communication

Parallel Processing

Asynchronous transfer mode


Networking with TCP/IP

Communication technology in magnetic disk storage

Code division multiple access

LAN security system

Virtual reality


Fiber Optics sensor system

Integrated circuits digital network


The topics which are listed above are of Latest in Technology and still most popular in electronics industry .

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Do you need more latest seminar topics for ece based in 2017 ? Post your comments . We'll post it based on the students request .

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